12 Days of Holiday Cookie Recipes

12 Days of Holiday Cookie Recipes

The holidays are the perfect time to make sweet treats like cookies and squares and create traditions. My mother is famous for her Christmas cookies. As a child, I remember helping to ice the butter cookies and spread the raspberry jam on our family's favourite Linzertorte but never actually making the cookies with mom.  It was a holiday task that she loved doing and I think she savored this time in the kitchen on her own, listening to carols and working away. 

It wasn't until I was much older that I grew nostalgic and wanted to capture her recipes in print so I could continue this tradition with my own kids. 

I'm happy to share my 12 Days of Cookies Recipe Booklet I created years ago with you.  Most of these cookies freeze really well so you can get a jump on your holiday baking!


Nadine Hughes

My kids and hubby love cookies! Especially Thrive’s chocolate chunk cookies!

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