ways to use leftover turkey

40 Recipes To Use Up Leftover Turkey

As much as I love a big holiday dinner, the next day's leftovers have always been more enjoyable for me.  And I'm always guilty of the late-night grazing when you're really not hungry but can't stop picking at the turkey and stuffing.

But if you're not keen on being a late-night vulture like me you'll need a few ideas to use up the turkey on Dec 26th.  Here is a link to 40 recipes for leftover turkey!  Just make sure you properly store leftover turkey and stuffing in separate containers. Your fridge should be set at 4 C (40 F) or colder to keep foods safe. Wrap leftovers well in airtight packaging or storage containers to keep bacteria out and prevent leftovers from drying out. Gobble gobble!

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