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Buffet or Plated Dinner: Make Your Furniture Do Double-Duty

When guests come to dinner at my house for the first time they're usually quite surprised about how rustic and simple I serve our meals.  I spend enough of my time plating meals that when it comes to enjoying food with friends and family I much prefer family-style platters or buffets where everyone can dig in, have seconds or thirds and try a few different dishes.  Both of these styles can be beautifully presented and work so much better when feeding a crowd through the holidays.

This year we're 18 around the table so I am make shifting the pool table with a piece of plywood on top, throwing a linen over it and laying out a feast.  There will be plenty of room for candles, decor, stacked plates and enough room for everyone to move around the table so no one is waiting.  My actual dining table can then be decorated easily with no concern about candles or glasses toppling over from passed dishes.

When it comes to your own home look to pieces of furniture that you might not think of as part of dining but can do double duty on the big day. Sideboards for bars, old dressers cleared out and opened up for plates, cutlery, napkins for a buffet, end tables put together can become dessert stations, home office desk can become a coffee corner or a specialty drink station.  

Whether you are sitting, standing, kneeling or squatting this holiday season make sure you are surrounded by those who bring you joy and happiness.

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