german braided sweet bread

Christmas Morning German Braided Sweet Loaf

Growing up one of my favourite food memories of Christmas morning was the German Braided Sweet Loaf my Uncle Claus would make for our family.  Each year he would painstakingly make a few loaves for us all to enjoy - painstakingly I say because there are a lot of steps to this recipe - mixing, resting, rising, falling, resting, twisting, braiding, baking..... sounds more like a hot yoga class now that I think about it but I can assure you loveable Uncle Claus never saw the inside of a yoga studio!  I'll make a few this year early and freeze them ahead so it's easier on my timing but I will also have on hand our Blueberry Lemon Scones which are ready to bake from frozen in 25 minutes. This way in case I want to do a few downward dogs early Christmas morning I will certainly have the time while the scones are baking and the German Bread is thawing.

Here is the closest recipe to this bread with the fewest steps for you.....and here is the link to our Blueberry Lemon Scones with even fewer steps for you!

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