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December 4 - 4 Tasks To Do Ahead

December 03, 2019

December 4 - 4 Tasks To Do Ahead

On December 1st we talked about the importance of a checklist to keep you on track and on budget for your party.  Never underestimate the little things that have to get done on the day of a party so it's always best to get those tasks that can be done far in advance out of the way. They're simple things but can make a big difference in feeling organized!

  1. Create your music playlist.  Having the right music at the right time makes a big impact on the mood of the party.  If you don't have the time or desire to create a specific list then at least download a few of the curated playlists in advance that apps like Spotify has created.
  2. Clear out your hall closet! Instead of piling all your guests' coats on a spare bed take the time to clear out your hall closet or the spare bedroom closet.  Don't forget to add extra hangers.  In doing so you just might find a few hidden gems in the back of the closet that you have been searching for.
  3. While you're in closet cleaning mode, dig out extra vases and keep them handy in a cupboard.  When your guests bring you flowers it's always nice to be able to display them in a vase instead of plopping them in the kitchen sink soon to be forgotten because you don't have time to search for a vase!
  4. Sort through any dishes, utensils, linens that you think you might need and give them a good wipe, clean or polish.  I even go through the extra step of putting sticky notes on dishes so when it comes to the frenzied time of getting hot food into bowls I know what goes in which.  Plus if you have a family member or friend helping out they don't need to ask you a thousand questions like "If I was a salad bowl where would I be?".

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