finishing touches that will make your party memorable

Finishing Touches To Make Your Party Memorable

Special touches go a long way in making your party a memorable one for guests.  They don't have to be costly or time-consuming - you just have to think of them in advance!  And it's that little attention to detail that will have your guests feeling welcomed and special.

Here are a few ideas that work for any get together:

  1. If you are having a sit-down dinner, take a moment to either handwrite or print out place card settings with your guests' names.  Dollar stores have gift tags in all types of shapes and sizes that do the trick for handwritten ones.  This helps you plan out your seating plan which may seem pretentious but I think it actually helps to create the best conversation around the table.
  2. Use simple items like rosemary and citrus fruits to decorate your table and/or buffet table.  A spring of rosemary on a napkin or tied with a ribbon brings a holiday touch to the table and smells wonderful as well.  Colourful citrus fruits in a bowl can be a beautiful centerpiece and one that you can actually use later on!
  3. Speaking of citrus, add a few slices of lemon or lime to a pretty glass pitcher and place on your sideboard or table so guests can help themselves to water throughout the meal.  Many guests won't ask for water but if it's available they will gladly take to combat the dryness of winter, over-heating at the table and maybe alternate with wine - ok maybe not the last one but definitely the first two!
  4. If you have out of town guests staying over, put together a night time basket in their room.  In a small basket or gift box place a bottle of water, aspirin, mints and mini hand cream.  
  5. Give a decorated to-go box. There is always leftovers after a party and instead of rummaging through your Tupperware drawer.  Pick up a few inexpensive bakery or craft boxes and festive ribbon, making it easy to pack up any leftovers.  

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