Blood orange and beet fennel salad

Holiday Entertaining 101: How To Manage Multiple Courses

One of the pressures home cooks find is how to manage the timing of serving multiple courses - especially if they actually want to enjoy the company of their guests and not be chained to the kitchen!

A good menu plan is key to ensure all your different dishes can either be prepared in advance or at the least have different cook times so you're not juggling all menu items at once.

The first course of a large holiday dinner is a great place to look for eliminating last-minute prep hassles. Here are three ways to serve an elegant first course without any fuss:

  1. Choose a soup to start your meal off.  Something light like a chicken stock based soup with sliced green onion crepes or our Onion & Fennel Soup is an easy heat and serve option that stimulates the appetite without being too heavy.
  2. A cold salad beautifully plated is a great starter.  It can be plated in advance, covered and kept cold in your refrigerator or if your garage is cold enough (4C or colder) then keep them in a safe space for cold holding.  This recipe for Blood Orange Beet & Fennel Salad has pretty holiday colours and is easy to prepare all the elements the day before.
  3. For a change put a family style dish on the table to pass around like a Smoked Salmon Platter - you can find one on our Take Home / Delivery Holiday menu that's plated and ready to go - you can't get less prep time than that!

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