Holiday Meal Planning Made Easy

Holiday Meal Planning Made Easy

In my family, hosting holiday meals usually fall to me...stands to reason as the resident caterer of the family but it's also a task I have always loved.  Before it was my profession, I used to spend hours pouring through cookbooks, testing new recipes, sourcing table decor, printing menus and name tags.  I loved the whole process of it!  The more the merrier and the more lavish the better.  

Having cooked professionally for 10+ years now I know that this joy of the plan is not for everyone.  In fact the mere thought of hosting a Holiday Dinner can send some people into a total panic; cue my phone ringing non-stop until December 24!  Different people, different passions.  It's what makes the world go around!  So to help those who don't get their thrills from creeping into the neighbour's yard to snip evergreen branches for their table centre piece, we have your Holiday Meal plans covered.

This year in addition to all the usual Holiday soups, sides and desserts we are offering made to order complete Holiday Dinners.  4 options to choose from:  Turkey, Apricot Glazed Ham, Beef Tenderloin or Porchetta.  Made from scratch, fresh and ready to reheat and serve.  Available for pick up or delivery up to Dec 24th at noon.  Once noon hits though I'll be busy folding turkey shaped origami for place card holders!!

Don't hesitate to call me or email if you have any questions!





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