Our Packaging

In September 2021 we launched our new packaging with more attractive, versatile and durable containers.  We are always striving to reduce our impact on the environment and our new CPET black tray containers with a machine sealed film top help to do that!

  • 70% of their material comes from previously recycled plastic water bottles
  • 100% recyclable
  • 100% leak proof
  • Clear film seal to see our product better 
  • 100% sealed to prolong shelf life
  • Microwaveable or conventional oven proof up to 400F/200C

How to reheat/bake our meals for best results:

All our meals come with simple to follow heating instructions.  Our CPET black trays should always be placed on a baking sheet in the oven with the film peeled off.  Do not exceed oven temperature of 400F/200C.