Our Process

Why Frozen?

To keep things fresh! There are a lot of negative connotations and preconceptions surrounding frozen food, but many of these are incorrect.
To freeze something is to simply preserve it without chemicals and in a way that bacteria cannot grow. With our knowledge and the advance of today's technology we are able to freeze food so quickly that when the ice crystals form, they are very small and cause very little damage to the cellular walls of the ingredients used.

Food frozen straight away after production is often in better condition when defrosted than fresh food which has longer to deteriorate before consumption.

We research, trial, test and test again our recipes to ensure they are as fresh tasting when you reheat them as they were when we made them by hand.

Why Handmade?

There's something utterly personal about having somebody make you something.
Whether it’s handmade furniture or handmade meals, knowing that your product has been made by another human, and not a machine just makes it that much more special.
It creates a connection between our team and our customers. Our products are made by our small but very talented team who make all of our products to the same quality and standard that you would find in a restaurant. The only difference is that we use much, much bigger pans and freeze it straight after. Each of our meals are made in small batches which enables us to ensure that our meals are always consistently delicious!

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