Craft Smoothies


We have been serving these delicious frozen craft smoothies by Living Farmacy at our cafe for years and now you can enjoy them in your own home!

An almost instant fruit and vegetable smoothie made from 100% whole non-GMO fruits and vegetables sourced at their peak nutrition and without refined sugars, preservatives or additives.  Blast frozen to lock in freshness, nutrients and flavour.

Available in 4 great flavours.  Gluten Free and Vegan

ALIVE - see ingredients and nutritional information (sweetest tasting - kids love this one as it tastes like strawberries)

CLARITY - see ingredients and nutritional information (awesome fresh berry taste)

POWER - see ingredients and nutritional information  (my favourite - tastes like a pina colada!)

LOVE - see ingredients and nutritional information  (a refreshing green smoothie without the grassy taste!)

How to enjoy a smoothie in under 60 seconds.

Simply bend the frozen smoothie pack into 2 pieces, place into blender and add 180ml of water.  Blend for 30 seconds and enjoy!