Sweet Tarts


New 3" Tarts from WOW! Factor Desserts.  The delicious hand made tarts are large 3" tarts that can be dressed up or enjoyed as is.  So large you might want to buy a selection of all 3 to cut and share!

Choose from Lemon, Apple & Vegan GF Reeces Peeces

LEMONSmooth, sweet and lip-puckering, our new lemon tart is the perfect combination of sweet & sour in a sweetened flaky dough pastry. Generously filled with 100% real lemon puree, this delectable tart contains no artificial flavours!

APPLE - Grandma would be proud, a nostalgic twist on her secret apple pie recipe, this sweet and flaky tart dough is filled to the brim with real Granny Smith apples and sprinkled with cinnamon and nutmeg for the final touch.

REECES PEECESCalling all Reese’s AND Peanut Butter lovers! We tempt your taste buds with a vegan tart shell filled with Reese’s peanut butter and topped with a dark chocolate glaze. Add a little more Reese’s peanut butter for decoration and voila! Your favourite chocolate bar in a dessert. This is also gluten-free!

PORTION:  Sold individually 3" tart | 119g each

DIETARIES: Lemon & Apple - Contain Gluten & Dairy  |  Reeces Peeces is VEGAN & Gluten Free and contains peanuts


INSTRUCTIONS:  Thaw in refrigerator covered overnight or for 3-4 hours.  Enjoy as is or with whipped cream for lemon, ice cream for apple tart.